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Cosplay Costumes for sale / Buffy collectables too comics added
Everything I have left for sale is now on ebay thanks :


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I'm interested in the Gem of Amara ring. Is it still with it's box (not that it really matters), is it in good condition and what size is it?

Thank you & Happy New Year!

Yes it is still in the box, it is in the original box and inside that it is in a red velvet jewlery box with the Buffy logo on it. There is no size for the ring. It actually comes on a cloth chain that you can wear as a necklace. The ring itself fits my ring finger and I think i wear around a size 7 or 8. IF you are in the US I can ship it for 5.20. PM me if you are still interested :)

Oh and yes it is in great condition :)

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