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Cosplay Costumes for sale / Buffy collectables too comics added
Everything I have left for sale is now on ebay thanks :


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Hi I'm interested in the DS9 jumpsuit- could you give me pricing, sizing and shipping cost to Australia (postcode 3182)? Thanks!

I would take 20.00 for it, but I'm not sure about shipping a medium priority mail box would be 45.00 but I believe I can ship it for cheaper, I have to mail another item in a few days, I can check shipping on it then if you like. I really don't think it would be more than 20.00 to ship it.

If you can do shipping for less than $40 I'll take it :)

looks like I can ship it first class mail for 14.97.

Awesome! Is ok if we complete the transaction next week?

sure thing I will put it on hold for you :) Happy Holidays :)

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