T-shirts for sale BUffy figures, custom figures, t-shirts, other geekery

I have the following items for sale, shipping depends on where you live or I can deliver at Dragoncon, I will be arriving Thursday and can deliver then.

Lorne figures $10.00 a piece;

Randy Giles Figure $10.00, Moore series Giles $10.00, Wesley $5.00, Fred $5.00

BSG Graphic Novels TPBS $5.00 a piece

Pre-Production Lorne signed by Andy Hallet $50.00 SOLD

Also has this Ah my Goddess Belldany figure asking $30.00 but again open to offers

Plastic Wolverine statue signed by comic artist not sure who it is I was young when I got the autograph at a convention; $20.00

Doublemeat palace custom Buffy, she was damaged int he mail when I recieved her so half the collar of her shirt is just painted on instead of the molded clay like the other side.  Asking $10.00. 

Willow from Season 8 custom figure asking $10.00 for her becuase her skirt is cracking where it was painted:

D'Hyfforin Bust asking $20.00 but open to offers:(his ear has been glue back together just the tip of it)

Star Trek Scene It never opened: $10.00

Buffy Board Game UK Version $10.00

Battlestar Galactica Boardgame Never Opened $20.00 ON Hold to be delivered at con

Waterworld VHS Autographed by Kevin Costner $20.00

I have several t-shirts that I no longer wear and I am selling them for $5.00 a piece :)  Shipping will depend on the number of shirts you buy and wear you live but I can ship pretty cheap in a bubble wrap or 5.95 priority shipping for one shirt and 11.95 for two shirts to ten shirts.  Thanks for looking :) Again they are $5.00 a piece plus shipping.   All sizes are listed with the pictures:

Kingdom Hearts Men's M

Harry Potter Juniors XL

Kirk vs. Picard Men's M

Hank from Venture Brothers Men's S

Wolverine Hoodie Boys XL

Marvel Juniors L

Pink Marvel  Juniors L

X-Men Men's M

Thor Men's M

also have these men's size 6 work boots, I had used them for my BSG deckhand costume but no longer need them: asking just $10.00 for them

Lolita style skirt women's size 18  $10.00